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The Healthy Gut Flow Summit is an intimate event bringing together gut health experts, along with lay person success discoveries, to get you the help you are seeking.

We will focus on building a strong body, mind and spirit connection with the gut!  It's a whole body approach!

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What Is Gut Flow?
Gut Flow is a system of digestive organs, and accessory partners, working collectively to masticate, propel, mix, liquefy, absorb and expel daily-ingested food, timely.  
  •  Gut Flow is the operative term for optimal digestive function
  •  Gut Flow is continuous movement
  •  Gut Flow is progress
Gut Flow uses the last organ, a colon or large intestine, on a digestive tract as its intelligence guide. The remaining digestive organs depend on colon productivity to compliment their performance level.
The colon dictates Gut Flow. If a colon stops working, our digestion process is severely impacted and the immune system weakens.
To experience Gut Flow, a colon must consistently demonstrate a prompt ease of waste discharge. Thereafter, a digestion process can flow into high performance. Whenever a colon excretes timely, the small intestine absorbs better, digestive accessories liquify food easily, the stomach condenses food efficiently, an esophagus propels food smoothly and the teeth masticate food thoroughly. Gut Flow is the synergy of all digestive organs working toward optimal whole body function.  
You Should Join This Event If You...
Are a gut health seeker who is tired of feeling terrible inside...
Would love a simple solution to fix your sluggish gut...
Believe there is an alternative to a gut operation...
Aspire to develop a high performance immune system...
Seek permission to combine an eastern and western approach for gut dysfunction...
Desire a preventative maintenance plan to ensure healthy gut flow...
Change Your Perspective At
The Healthy Gut Flow Summit
Gut Flow is a whole body concept.  This approach includes the top opening of the digestive system, the bottom opening of the digestive system and everything in between the two openings.
The Healthy Gut Flow Discovery Journey
Here's what you'll learn along the way...
Discovery #1 | Hormones
A hormone is a molecule that signals cellular action.  The action influences organ behavior.  Faulty hormone production contributes to gut dysfunction.  Happy Hormones have a positive impact on gut flow.
Our expert practitioners teach you the value of balanced hormone production and healthy signaling for a whole body approach to healthy gut flow.
Discovery #2 | Detoxification
Detoxification of the gut microbiome is essential to achieving gut flow.  More than 50% of immunity is housed inside the gut.  A microbiome living in a state of confusion has difficulty contributing to healthy gut flow.
Listen to our expert practitioner provide directions for proper detoxification and hormonal health for the microbiome.
Discovery #3 | Hydration
Embrace the most important fact that you are water.  The cells, brain and body are primarily made of water.  Each body system requires water to complete its function.
Learn from our expert practitioner how to satisfy thirst through the oral orifices of our digestive system.  Hydration is a fundamental contributor to healthy organ function and efficient gut flow.
Discovery #4 | Mindset
The body is talking.  It tells you, the host, what it needs to function at its best.  Are you listening?  Do you take action based on the direction provided from your gut?
Our experts teach about changing the mindset to nurture trust within the gut.  Capitalize on your internal navigation system. 
Discovery #5 | Nourishment
Specific nourishment targets the microbiome for a healthy gut flow.  This food is full of probiotics, enzyme friendly and fosters great bacteria balance for the immune system.
Our experts teach the lifestyle of consuming nourishing gut foods for digestive issues and overall gut health.
Healthy Gut Flow Summit Agenda
Day 1 | Gut Hormones
Dr. Kevin Augustine
Founder, Health Solutions Plus
Autoimmune, Thyroid & The Gut Connection:  The DNA UPrint
Rebekah Fedrowitz
Holistic Nutritionist
Stress Effect:  How Stress Is Dictating Illness Without Your Knowledge
Maurine Lake
Integrative Holistic Health Coach
Supporting Your Body Through Adrenal Fatigue
Day 2 | Gut Detoxification
Brie Wieselman
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Gut Health, The Microbiome & Your Hormones
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
Medical Nutritionist
The Reason We Have An Epidemic Of
Chronic Illness
Cheryl Myer
The Health Muse
Inflammation: Toxins, Leaky Gut & Disease
Jaime Cross
Herbal Alchemist
Your Skin's Best Kept Secret:
Three Steps To Beauty From The Inside Out
Day 2 | Gut Hydration
Sage Joya
Certified Guided Colonic Therapist
Colon Love: Your Gut Is Thirsty For Water
Day #3 | Gut Mindset
Crissy Keye Rollins
Intuitive Healer & Master Mindset Coach
Love Your Gut To Health
Sage Joya
Certified Guided Colonic Therapist
Gut Talk:  The Mind-Gut Connection
Day 3 | Gut Nourishment
Wardee Harmon
Owner & Lead Teacher at Traditional Cooking School
Heal Your Gut With 
Homemade Fermented Foods
Dave "Kombucha" Lindenbaum
Owner, Get Kombucha
Kombucha Gut: Healing Acid Reflux
Build A Strong Immune System.  Balance Your Microbiome.
Live A Healthy Gut Flow Lifestyle.
When you have healthy gut flow consistently, your body feels so good on the inside.  Try it!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Healthy Gut Flow Summit?
The Healthy Gut Flow Summit is a FREE virtual event offering a roadmap for achieving optimal gut function. Healthy Gut Flow is a collaborative effort between all digestive organs. Having access to a working plan addressing specific areas of concern can alleviate stress as well as save time and money.
Is The Event FREE?
Many summit events have an involved price tag.  The Healthy Gut Flow Summit offers a FREE pass to this online event.  You can listen at any time, in any location while feeling comfortable in your designated space.
What Is The Summit Playbook?
The Summit Playbook outlines the Healthy Gut Flow Summit details.  It also offers a detailed introduction to each speaker and their topic.  You can view which speaker is presenting on each summit day.  Once a person registers for their FREE online summit pass, the Summit Playbook is provided as a bonus.
Do I Have To Travel To Attend The Event
No.  You do not have to travel.  The beauty of an online summit is the cost savings offered from zero travel, zero hotel expense, zero vacation time and zero family care-taking expenses.  Watch, listen or read about the guidance offered from our experts for achieving healthy gut flow.
Is The Information Gender Specific?
No.  Man, woman, boy or girl are welcome to attend this event.  We are all human.  Each of us has a unique gut, microbiome, hormone production and mindset.  No matter where you measure your health status, the healthy gut flow summit is designed to empower your mind, body and spirit.
Will I Receive Takeaway Strategies?
Yes.  The Healthy Gut Flow Summit is advertisement-free.  You can listen, pause, rewind and stop to capitalize on information pertaining specifically to your individual need.  At the end of each talk, you receive directions for taking a closer look at a speaker's service and offerings.
Why is the summit promoted as intimate?
Too often summit forums provide an enormous amount of information.  The volume offered may create overwhelm.  However, an intimate summit allows a listener to zero in on the right information for his or her specific condition.  Next steps are very clear making it easy to ignite immediate action.  Viewing the intimacy of these expert talks as a one-on-one coaching session translates into quick steps yielding healthy gut flow results.
When Can I Watch The Summit Interviews?
During the summit, you can view the interviews daily.  You will receive an email notification link to the speaker presentation prior to it going live.  Each video is available for 24 hours thereafter, your lifetime access pass will give you time to view the information 24 hours per day @ 7 days per week.
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Meet Your Hostess: Sage Joya
I am Sage Joya.  I am on a mission to, first, help people understand the meaning of gut flow and, second, help them to achieve gut flow.  I will keep going until I am certain to have reached the masses.
I suffered with a lot of gut problems in the late 60s/early 70s and well into my young adult years.  I was the guinea pig for new market drugs.  My immune system refused to
serve my body because it was too busy managing stagnant waste material.  I was hospitalized frequently. I had skin rashes all over my body. I was the walking embodiment of illness. I was nurtured to believe my health destiny would always spell darkness in this lifetime.  It took me 25+ years to figure out my path to gut health and now I want to share it with you.
In the midst of my journey, I existed as a corporate accountant but today, I practice as a National Board Certified Guided Colon Therapist.  Since 2001, I have administered thousands of guided colonic sessions through The Mind-Gut Connection.  It is absolutely amazing to see my clients, men, women and children, come into my office as a broken flower but then complete several series of sessions and turn into a beautiful blossomed rose.  I feel honored to participate in their gut health journey!
To optimize the summit, I have assembled a team of experts together to serve as a beacon of light on your gut health journey.  The summit is for those who have at least an ounce of faith, in spite of what you have been told by others, that gut function and optimal health is possible for your life.
I am asking you to do ONE THING... Have a willingness to open your mind for trying something different so you can achieve desired results.  Each one of our experts, with their specific approach, wants to help you live wellness.  If, and only if, you choose to embrace the possibilities of healthy gut flow, consistently, will you find desired results.
I am married to my mission.  I spend my time making simple solutions available to those seeking healthy gut flow.  My belief is that no one should suffer from gut discomfort.  I am the creator of ClearExit, a 6-week fundamental program that helps people jumpstart and, ultimately, optimize gut function.
When you exercise the courage to live, the possibilities of life are endless! 
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